Sunday, October 24, 2010

Incoco Review

I've been intrigued by Minx nails for the longest time, without being able to try them, because there are NO nail salons that have them where I live.  The designs always look amazing, they seem convenient and very original.  
A few days back, I came across Incoco dry nail appliqué at my local drugstore.  They promise a professional looking mani that lasts up to 14 days, in minutes. The deal is, you need to buff and clean your nails before you apply it, then file off the excess paper.  For more info, go to
I bought "Passion" which is a red creme that, truth be told, I found boring but I wanted to try them out and the store only had 2 or 3 creme shades.
Well, the application was no piece of cake.  While it's not very complicated, I thought it was going to be faster.  It probably took me the same amount of time as if I had applied liquid nail polish, maybe even more.  Also, since I'm new at this, my nails ended up with a few wrinkles, and when I was applying the paper, it kind of moved, so my sides are a bit jagged.  That was a drag, and as I was applying the nails, I had a bad feeling about them.  But when I was done, and took a long look at my nails, BAM! instant love!  They look perfect! They have the most amazing shine to them, the color looks intense, and they look very clean.  Now, this is my first day with them, I shall keep you updated about how they look as the days pass by.  So far, I think they look gorgeous.  See for yourselves.  

UPDATE: This is my fifth day wearing the appliqués.  So far, my free edges have chipped, but the wrinkles that I initially had disappeared within the first 24 hours and the nails looked perfect until yesterday.  I'm pretty sure the mani will look descent for quite some time, but I doubt I could go 14 days without changing it.  

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