Friday, December 10, 2010

Snow in the Sky

So I was online the other day, looking for a Chanel Riva dupe, and I came across several blog posts that name Hard Candy "Sky" as the ultimate winner.  It is indeed a winner, but a dupe? I don't think so.  Hard Candy was big in the nineties, specially if you were a Clueless wannabe.  And they first hit it big because of a little jewel named Sky.  Alicia Silverstone made it famous, and Hard Candy was an instant hit.  More than a decade later, Hard Candy is now available at your local Wal-Mart, and they just re-released the one that started it all.  So for it to be considered a dupe, seems unfair to me.  Yes, they are very similar (from what I see in pictures, I don't own Riva), but Sky came FIRST!

The color is beautiful and you won't be disappointed with the final result, your nails will turn heads.  But the application is a whole other thing…. Very streaky, very sheer, needs 3 coats, kind of a bitch to apply.  I wore it alone for a day, I just wanted to admire this shade on my nails.

Today I stamped a snowflake over them with Konad White Special Polish, and added a few details with silver dots and glitter (Finger Paints Easel come, easel go and Kiss Nail Art in Silver Glitter).  I used plate bm14. 

Something else that happened and made my manicure more difficult is that my top coat is half way through so it got thicker and since the bottle is half empty, it's kind of hard to get the brush completely dipped in the polish and that was very annoying.

In the end, I liked the final result. It is cute, subtle, yet Christmasy, and I need to thank my sister because it was totally her idea and I stole it due to lack of inspiration and plane ol' laziness.

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