Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nail Fraud: Disco

I have another Nail Fraud post, and this will be my last one, because i'm out of decals, but I think I saved the best for last.  I have to say that this is my favorite print from the 3 sets that I got.  The design looks amazing, but I do have one big fat complaint, though.  This set was very different from the others.  The other decal's presentation was very similar to the Incoco appliques, they have a protective film on top, and they apply better, they kind of bend to match the shape of your nail.  But this ones really just look and feel like plane ol' stickers! They do not have a protective film and they are very hard to match the shape and curves of the nail, they feel kind of stiff on the nail. Also, they didn't came inside a sealed package.  On the other appliques, if you are left with wrinkles on them, they often disappear the next day (I think heat helps with this), but not with Disco.  I applied them yesterday and I still have stiff wrinkles towards the free end of my nails (and I don't think they are disappearing any time soon!).  Also, the print seems very fragile, like any little scratch is going to damage it, so I applied a thick coat of a glossy top coat over it.  In the end, the result looks pretty cool, because this design is amazing and colorful, so I am happy with how my nails ended up.  See for yourself. Click on the pics to make them bigger.

Hold decal with thumb and index, apply close to the cuticles. If you mess up, gently remove the decal and reapply

File off excess with nail file (Nail fraud includes this cool nail file!)

Final result! See the gloss? I used OPI's top coat

This is NF's Goldfinger sealed package, with a holding strip and protective film over decals

This is how Disco looks in the package, very different! It lacks all those cool extras that the other designs have!

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