Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nail Fraud: Houndstooth

I'm using nail appliqués again.  They are just too perfect and easy to apply, they save me a lot of time and I end up having gorgeous nails without much effort… What's not to love about them? Well, there is one thing I do NOT like: the glue residue left on my nails after I take them off… but it's not a deal-breaker.
These are from Nail Fraud and they are called "Houndstooth Hottie", how adorable! I got TOO MUCH compliments on these manicure. I wore it during Christmas break, so a lot of friends saw it on me, and they really liked it. So here it is, review and all.  For more information about Nail Fraud, click HERE.
Hey, and if someone has any suggestion on how to do with my out-of-control cuticles (please see above pic for reference), I'd seriously appreciate it!

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