Saturday, February 5, 2011


I know I'm kind of late with this post, there's been Black Shatter reviews all over the net for quite some time now, but I could barely get my hands on this puppy. This polish is HARD to get! I felt like I was trying to score some weird designer drug, seriously.  I ended up going on and buying OPI's Glam Slam, which is a nail polish duo by Serena Williams, very cool combo, I can't wait to try the other polish (can't remember the name).

If you don't know about OPI's Black Shatter, it is a "crackle" polish. This means, you use it over another shade, and as soon as it starts drying, the nail polish starts cracking open, and you get a very cool effect. Cover Girl first came out with a crackle polish back in the 90s but it really didn't look as cool as the new ones.

I hear China Glaze is working on a "crackle" nail polish collection, with 6 different shades. Can't wait for that one! I love China Glaze and I love their prices and availability even more. 

Anyways, a few days ago I was all over town trying to score some Black Shatter from the Katy Perry collection, but no such luck.  I ended up buying The one that got away and Not like the movies, both shades are amazing.

Now, this is my first time using a "crackle" polish, so from personal experience, my advice is to apply over a completely dry shade of your choice, and then go light with the crackle polish. If you apply it too thick, or if it takes you a long time to do it, it will not shatter.  So, light and quick is the way to go.  It works very quick! Also, it dries matte, so don't forget your top coat! 

Well, here are the nails, The one that got away with Black Shatter on top.

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  1. this looks AMAZING!!!
    and i loved the combination of colors
    great job, Martha!