Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leopard Manicure

I used my Konad m57 plate for this manicure.  The thing with Konad is that you don't need to get to creative to have a cool looking manicure so, usually I just use a base color, stamp, and that's it.  For this mani I switched it up a little bit.
First, I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud as a base.  It looks really bright here, but the picture is really not doing it justice.  Lavender Cloud is the lightest lavender possible, so it does not look completely white, it has a purplish or pinkish tone, which is very beautiful.

Then, I stamped my nail with the Leopard Print from Konad's m57 plate. I grabbed my dotter tool, and filled out the leopard's spots with China Glaze's For Audry, one of my favorite nail polishes EVER, It's the closest possible color to a "Tiffany blue".
And finally, I used Sally Hansen's Disco Ball  as a top coat. This is a clear polish with rainbow iridescent glitter, that I usually think it looks childish, but I'm really digging it today.  Now, I'm going to remind you guys again: when using Konads, it is SUPER important that you apply your top coat in as little brush strokes as possible, 2 or 3 tops, because you may drag your design and ruin your manicure.  I got carried away with my beautiful glittery top coat, and I dragged my nail polish a little bit here and there, but since it's a Sunday and I'm feeling way too relaxed I didn't make a big fuzz about it.  I'll probably have a fresh mani in a couple of days anyway!  
I really like how this one came out, I love the color combination and the iridescent glitter gives it a nice little kick.  

Blurry shot, so you can see the colors of the glitter top coat (Disco Ball)

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