Saturday, November 13, 2010

Metallic Zebra

I really liked how this one turned out because it was exactly what I had in mind.  You can use any color combo you wish. I've done it in the past with neons (hot pink, orange and yellow) but this time I wanted to use metallic, foil-finish nail polishes (silver, gold and bronze).  It may seem like it's a lot of work or like it's hard to do, but not at all! 
You are going to grab your silver nail polish (I used Finger Paints in Easel come, easel go) and paint about 1/3 of your nail. Then, the gold (Orly Foil FX in Luxe) and paint the next third of your nail, and finally the bronze (Cover Girl Boundless Color in Bronze Beauty) and paint the last third of your nail.  It doesn't matter if the line between the colors is not straight.  I actually like the way it looks when its a little bit uneven, or overlaps at some points.

Wait for your nails to dry, then use the zebra print in Konad's image plate m57, with Konad Special Nail Polish in Black, and stamp your nails.  You can also do the zebra stripes by hand if you don't have a Konad, You can use a nail art black polish, a nail art pen, or any black polish with a fine brush.  
I hope you like it! Thanks for looking.


  1. You need to come do my nails! I'm the worst at it and I really like your designs!!


  2. Este esta fregon, Monica

  3. i saw this live today and it looked AMAZING the pics don't do it much justice! Great work, missy. -YW